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cannot schedule tasks on django

See original GitHub issue


I cannot schedule a task to run after a delay using the schedule after upgrading to django 1.11. this is how im testing it: my_task.schedule(args=('string1'), delay=10)

Below is the error that i get.

huey.consume.worker | Error adding task to schedule: my_app.tasks.queue_task_mark_email_message_as_failed_after_time: 64334559-08c9-43be-9a90-25c77067854e @2018-12-10 17:19:47.424274

These are my settings:

HUEY = {
    'name': 'my-tasks',
    # 'backend': 'huey.backends.redis_backend',  # required.
    'result_store': True,  # Store return values of tasks.
    'events': True,  # Consumer emits events allowing real-time monitoring.
    'store_none': False,  # If a task returns None, do not save to results.
    'always_eager': False,  # If DEBUG=True, run synchronously.
    'store_errors': True,  # Store error info if task throws exception.
    'blocking': False,  # Poll the queue rather than do blocking pop.
    'backend_class': 'huey.RedisHuey',  # Use path to redis huey by default,
    'connection': {
        'host': 'localhost',
        'port': 6379,
        'db': 0,
        'connection_pool': None,  # Definitely you should use pooling!
        # ... tons of other options, see redis-py for details.
        # huey-specific connection parameters.
        'read_timeout': 1,  # If not polling (blocking pop), use timeout.
        'max_errors': 1000,  # Only store the 1000 most recent errors.
        'url': None,  # Allow Redis config via a DSN.
    'consumer': {
        'workers': 3,
        'worker_type': 'thread',
        'initial_delay': 0.1,  # Smallest polling interval, same as -d.
        'backoff': 1.15,  # Exponential backoff using this rate, -b.
        'max_delay': 10.0,  # Max possible polling interval, -m.
        'utc': True,  # Treat ETAs and schedules as UTC datetimes.
        'scheduler_interval': 1,  # Check schedule every second, -s.
        'periodic': True,  # Enable crontab feature.
        'check_worker_health': True,  # Enable worker health checks.
        'health_check_interval': 1,  # Check worker health every second.

I had to comment backend because it was breaking periodic tasks .

Is this a bug or is this a configuration error? Thanks, Tudor

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

coleifercommented, Dec 19, 2018

Ahh, thanks @vladlep – I didn’t realize I had not yet released the Redis-py 3.0 compatibility fixes.

I’ve pushed a new release, 1.10.5, which specifies redis-py 3.0.0 as a dependency. This should resolve the issues.

felipe3dfxcommented, Feb 1, 2019

The issue back using the following code:

        'payment_id': payment_id,
        'retries': retries - 1,
    delay=(60 * 10),

redis-server 5.0.3 django==2.1.5 huey==1.10.5 python==3.6.7 channels_redis==2.3.3 django-redis-cache==1.8.1

Any ideas?

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