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Can't retrieve result in callback

See original GitHub issue

First of all - thank you for this wonderful library 😃

I’m trying to retrieve the result of a task from within a callback which does not work. My minimal setup:


import time
import huey

huey_queue = huey.SqliteHuey(filename='demo2.db')

def task_success(signal, task):

def slow_task():
    return "OK"

from demo2 import slow_task

k1 = slow_task()

Terminal 1: demo2.huey_queue

Terminal 2: py

Output in terminal 1:

demo2.slow_task: 1c0a3cd7-2132-46c4-b37f-d1cf124dfcfd

However when I open IDLE / ptpython or standard python prompt, I can import the huey_queue and retrieve the result:

from demo2 import huey_queue
res = huey_queue.get("1c0a3cd7-2132-46c4-b37f-d1cf124dfcfd")

Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to retrieve the result within the callback? I tried adding a delay in the callback before retrieving the results but it made no difference.

Win10 Python3.7.3 huey 2.1.2

/EDIT removed unnecessary line

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coleifercommented, Oct 16, 2019

Pushed 2.1.3

sometimescool22commented, Oct 16, 2019


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