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Issue in db_periodic_task()

See original GitHub issue
@db_periodic_task(crontab(minute='0', hour='15'))
def notify_user():
    # do something

I was trying to run a periodic task that runs at 3 pm every day. I used the above sample code to do this. The task executed at 3 pm, now the issue is that after executing one time this task was running continuously every minute while I just need to execute this task at 3 pm every day.

Is there something wrong with my crontab config or is this the issue with Huey.

Also, if I want to run a task at 9 am and 3 pm every day, what should be the crontab config.


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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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sumit4613commented, Sep 11, 2020

Okay, will remember this from next time. 😅

coleifercommented, Sep 11, 2020

I think that something must be wrong in either a) your explanation of the issue, b) discrepancies between your actual code and what you pasted.

I ran a very minimal test django startproject / django startapp and a placeholder db periodic task that specifies a particular minute and hour, and it’s working fine:

[2020-09-11 13:26:13,788] INFO:huey.consumer.Scheduler:Scheduler:Enqueueing periodic task foo.tasks.test_periodic_task: 5f27b16f-2f50-45c2-bc39-748f38bb7bc6.
[2020-09-11 13:26:13,789] INFO:huey:Worker-1:Executing foo.tasks.test_periodic_task: 5f27b16f-2f50-45c2-bc39-748f38bb7bc6
hello world
[2020-09-11 13:26:13,789] INFO:huey:Worker-1:foo.tasks.test_periodic_task: 5f27b16f-2f50-45c2-bc39-748f38bb7bc6 executed in 0.000s

After executing once, the task did not run again while I observed.

Also, I would be very surprised to find something so fundamental in huey to be broken.

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