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Howto: use superlogin with current nodejs

See original GitHub issue

I’m opening this issue in order to:

  • share my experience how I’ve managed to get superlogin working with current nodejs
  • make a place for other people’s experience to share how superlogin can be used with an up-to-date runtime/dependencies

This is my configuration for running superlogin on node 13.7.0:

  • I’m using the fork @sensu/superlogin as dependency in my project
  • for using a current version of couchdb -> leveldown dependency in package.json I’m using:
    "resolutions": {
     "@sensu/superlogin/**/leveldown": "5.4.1"
    (original version of leveldown-dependency failed on npm install)
  • install the project with yarn package manager in order to respect the resolutions section in package.json
  • I’m using this start script in for starting superlogin

Notes: I’ve tried to raise the version for pouchdb dependency to 7.1.1, but it did not work due to missing db.request method in this line. It’s an undocumented method which seemingly got removed with major version 7. According to this pouchdb issue it should be possible to replace it with package pouchdb-ajax somehow.

So far my information status. Anyone who is running an more up-to-date version of superlogin - please describe how.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

LyteFMcommented, Feb 18, 2022

You can also check out my fork. It is migrated to TypeScript, works out of the box with modern NodeJS LTS and CouchDB - versions. The tests have been expanded. Dependencies have been reduced and are kept up to date. I’ve increased the security a lot by adhering to modern OWASP practises, e.g. in order to prevent email guessing.

So if you’re starting a new project with CouchDB/PouchDB and stumbled upon superlogin, couch-auth is probably the best choice.

It’s still not 1.0 though, so have an eye on the roadmap. I don’t plan to make any radical changes to the data model and the routes anymore, though.

PhearZerocommented, Apr 12, 2020

✨ Here you go @klues #211 colinskow/pouchdb-seed-design#7 colinskow/sofa-model#2

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