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Cascade Delete Issue

See original GitHub issue

I can’t seem to get cascade deletes working with FKs on a postgres DB. Should it work by default?

I tried adding the ondelete=“CASCADE” kwarg to my FK relations, but nothing seemed to happen on the other side of the model.

In short, I have:

class Project(BaseModel):
    class Meta(ormar.ModelMeta):
        tablename = "projects"

    name: str = ormar.String(max_length=256)
    # <SNIP>

class Quote(BaseModel):
    class Meta(ormar.ModelMeta):
        tablename = "quotes"

    # <SNIP>
    project: Project = ormar.ForeignKey(
        Project, related_name="quotes", ondelete="CASCADE"

And the routing endpoint I have in FastAPI:

async def delete_project(request: Request, project_id: uuid.UUID):
    project = await Project.objects.filter(client=request.state.client).get(
    await project.delete()
    return {"deleted": True, "id":}

But this seems to orphan the affected quote that was attached to the project. This looks to be a known caveat to SQLAlchemy when using filter().delete(). Is there an easy way to build in the same fixes?

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

collerekcommented, Feb 2, 2021

Fixed in 0.9.0 by #92

collerekcommented, Feb 2, 2021

Yeah, but that how it’s supposed to look like out of the box 😃

I found the bug it’s related to deep-cloning sqlalchemy.Columns, will fix this and release new version soon.

Also will add names to foreign_keys so alembic can clearly identify constraints and not recreate them during consecutive runs.

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