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[FEATURE]: Implement API to control typical spectrometers.

See original GitHub issue


There is a growing need to be able to control spectrometers with Python and possibly leverage Colour to process the data.

I’m taking the opportunity that @tjdcs mentioned it on Gitter to start a thread.

A few random points and tags for VIS:

  1. A dedicated repository would be preferred as we could make Colour an optional dependency. It is also extremely hard to test without actual hardware attached.
  2. I wrote a module for the Colorimetry Research spectrometers at Weta FX that could maybe be open-sourced. I will check with @kthurston if it is possible.
  3. I have at home an Ocean Optics spectrometer that I would be keen to handle through Python. There is already python-sea breeze that could be wrapped.
  4. @quister has an Asantes spectrometer and this could be of interest to him.
  5. @JGoldstone might have related stuff of interest in his pocket.
  6. @KevinJW might have stuff that he cannot share but still find the idea interesting.



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tjdcscommented, Oct 18, 2022

name request:


Requesting this name and project affiliation for code related to controlling spectroradiometers or other instruments. Code is currently available on

Currently Supports CR-300 officially, and unofficially supports other colorimetry research family spectroradiometers. The code is in its infancy, and is unlikely to maintain the high standards of the main colour-science repository due to the issues of testing and maintaining instrument dependent code.

Following this discussion: I agree that spectrometer control belongs to a seperate project. The current code depends on colour-science version 0.4.1 and it’s API is designed to emit colour-science objects that are easily read into and out of other functions in the colour-science repository. There is no file io mechanism, although that is a welcome contribution and a project objective.

I’d like to publish the initial version of specio soon, although it is a very simple codebase thus far.

KelSolaarcommented, Oct 19, 2022

Exciting and I’m totally fine with it! I’m a bit buried under OCIO and Work work but I will get back to you soon! Feel free to take the name!

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