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1.0.0: Should we deprecate Fossil Delta?

See original GitHub issue

Hey guys, as we’re moving towards 1.0.0 (~August maybe?), I’d like to reduce the complexity as much as possible on the next version that will contain breaking changes.

So I’d like to know if you’re okay with the deprecation of Fossil Delta?

I believe there’s nothing you can do with Fossil Delta that you cannot do with the Schema, and the strong types with it play much nicely with C# and other languages.

Feel free to suggest if you’d like to see improvements on how to use the Schema.

👍 DEPRECATE Fossil Delta on 1.0.0

👎 SUPPORT Fossil Delta on 1.0.0

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

vibrantridacommented, May 1, 2019

I’m fine with deprecating Fossil Delta but consider doing so only after all official clients have at least a stable support for Schema ex. the haxe client currently doesn’t support Schema

ngokevincommented, Jul 24, 2019

I prefer Fossil Delta but would be fine if it was easy to use as a third-party plugin. Don’t prefer the heavy-handed typeness and verbosity of the default serializer.

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