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Allow to specify the protocol (SSL)

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

The createMatchMakeRequest method currently only supports requests with the http protocol, it would be nice to have support for https.

I think the constructor could be modified to accept an optional second parameter to either explicitly set the protocol for http requests or it could be a flag to indicate that https is available.

// explicitly set the protocol
enum SupportedProtocols {
  HTTP = 'http',
  HTTPS = 'https',
const client = new Colyseus.Client('ws://', SupportedProtocols.HTTPS);

// or have a flag to use https
const USE_HTTPS = true;
const client = new Colyseus.Client('ws://', USE_HTTPS);

As the parameter could be optional/have defaults this could viewed as a backward compatible enhancement.

I don’t do have much game development experience but have been enjoying using this library, thanks for sharing it! I’d be happy to provide a PR for this feature if you have a preference to how you’d like to see this implemented.

Keep up the great work!

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  • State:open
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

endelcommented, May 1, 2020

Hi @greaterweb, thanks for the kind words.

If you use wss:// instead of ws:// it works though 😃

I agree that the Client could have some options to “toggle” this automatically, as we currently do a hacky thing to perform the http(s) requests here:

luckybk93commented, Dec 31, 2020

Oke bác. M cũng cocos creator. Mới đầu cứ tưởng lấy file pem cấu hình ở trên server. Mãi đếch chạy. Thanks bác nha

Vào 23:00 Th 5, 31 thg 12 2020 Tran Cong đã viết:

@luckybk93 Không biết bạn dùng client là gì bạn. Client mình là cocos creator. Trong example của nó có file cacert.pem luôn bạn ah. http://url

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