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Allow to use it on Node.js environment without manipulating global scope.

See original GitHub issue

As pointed out by @holywyvern - currently it’s required to populate the global scope in order to get the JavaScript client running on Node.js environment.

It would be better to provide a way to support Node.js without messing up with the global scope.

Something like:

import { Client } from "colyseus.js";

const Storage = require("dom-storage");
const WebSocket = require("uws");

const client = new Client("endpoint", { 
  storage:  new Storage(null, { strict: true }),
  ws: WebSocket

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endelcommented, Jan 21, 2019

As of 0.9.16, this client now works on Node.js environment out of the box, you just need to include ws as a dependency in your project. 🙌

cayassocommented, Dec 11, 2018

Would this be the same case for React-Native and window.localStorage?

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