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Pattern-matching on Result produces a (spurious?) warning

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Issue Description

When my code tries to match on the result of a parse, such as:

    dumpfileP.parse(mySQL) match {
      case Result.Success(stmts, _) => stmts
      case Result.Failure(parser, index) => displayFailure(...)

The Scala compiler consistently kicks out a warning:

[warn] /home/jducoeur/GitHub/Querki/querki/scalajvm/app/querki/imexport/MySQLImport.scala:143: The outer reference in this type test cannot be checked at run time.
[warn]       case Result.Success(stmts, _) => stmts

This warning may be correct – I’m honestly unsure – but I don’t care about it, and definitely don’t want to see it. My coding standards are “no warnings”, so this is getting in the way of using FastParse for production code.

This can be worked around by using isInstanceOf + asInstanceOf, but that’s rather boilerplatey. A more idiomatic-Scala solution would be preferable.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:12 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

aradkecommented, Feb 22, 2016

In versions 0.2.x I had to use import fastparse.core.Result In versions 0.3.x I had to use import fastparse.core.Parsed

To fix the compiler error: “The outer reference in this type test cannot be checked at run time.

(This is was using Scala 2.11.7 on the JVM with Java7.)

nebasukecommented, Feb 10, 2016

Had the same problem. import fastparse.core.Result fixed it for me.

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