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Consider using npm module name instead of relative path in adapter config generated by commitizen init

See original GitHub issue

The setup instructions in the readme use the module name of the adapter (i.e. cz-conventional-changelog), but the actual config generated by commitizen init uses a relative path to the module:

According to the readme:

commitizen.path is resolved via require.resolve and supports

  • npm modules
  • directories relative to process.cwd() containing an index.js file
  • file base names relative to process.cwd() with js extension
  • full relative file names
  • absolute paths.

One downside of using a relative path is that developers cannot use their global commitizen install to create a commit if they have not yet run npm install in the repo, because this results in an error:

Error: Could not resolve /Users/mickdekkers/Projects/foo/node_modules/cz-conventional-changelog.
Cannot find module '/Users/mickdekkers/Projects/foo/node_modules/cz-conventional-changelog'

This change should fix the issue, although I’m not sure whether it would be considered breaking:

let commitizenAdapterConfig = { 
   config: { 
     commitizen: { 
-      path: `./node_modules/${adapterNpmName}`
+      path: adapterNpmName

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mickdekkerscommented, Mar 5, 2018

@LinusU yeah, that’s my proposed solution. I think you may be right; since it only applies to initialization and doesn’t affect existing projects, it shouldn’t be a breaking change.

LinusUcommented, Mar 2, 2018

We are only talking about the generated config here, right? So I’m not sure if it would be considered breaking?

I also don’t think we would need to install any dependencies automatically? Although that would potentially also be nice!


We are only talking about changing this line, right?

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