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prepre-commit-msg git hook breaks IDE

See original GitHub issue


While integrating this tool I noticed that my IDE started to misbehave when it performed git operations.

The example in the docs offers the following approach, which assumes /dev/tty is always available:

exec < /dev/tty && git cz --hook # <-- This fails when "not a tty"

The below uses a short-circuit to exit with an exit code of 0 in case tty is not available.

exec < /dev/tty && git cz --hook || true

Using the above solved a case where my IDE got killed during a rebase
But I suspect that anything that interacts with git is susceptible to this pitfall.

Let me know if you agree, and i’ll work on a PR.


Found a case in point:

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micaleviskcommented, Feb 17, 2021

I’m still getting this error with Visual Studio Code in my Ubuntu 😕

This is what I’m using to fix that instead of just exec < /dev/tty && git cz --hook --hook || true:

( exec < /dev/tty && git cz --hook --hook ) || true 2> /dev/null
eliraneliassycommented, Aug 12, 2019

@eladchen - Thanks, just ran to the same issue!

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