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Support for amend (`--amend`)

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

When running git cz --amend I do not get the commitizen prompt, but instead the normal git way of editing message.

It would be awesome if it would show me the commitizen prompt again, especially since I most often use it when I forgot to run git cz.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

joefraleycommented, Jun 28, 2017

@jimthedev re: workflow

I think @inyono and @Calyhre hit the nail on the head. A common workflow for me is:

$ git commit -m 'trash'
$ git commit -m 'wip'
$ git commit -m 'not working'
$ git commit -m 'almost'
$ git commit -m 'finished, looks good'
$ git rebase -i master

# -----------
# squash everything down to one commit and abandon all the junk messages.
# but i want this first commit to be a commitizen message now...
p 'trash'  
f 'wip'
f 'not working'
f 'almost'
f 'finished, looks good'

# rebase finishes, try to git cz
$ git cz # gonna do a nice message and rebase backwards to keep it

      throw new Error('No files added to staging! Did you forget to run git add?');

Error: No files added to staging! Did you forget to run git add?

$ git cz --amend # the problem as described by @LinusU. doesn't give me a commitizen prompt.

The existing git cz way of doing this would probably be to always git cz your last commit, but I often am not sure which commit will be the last one until after I’ve committed the work and had a look around. It just feels like you have to be really forward thinking to make this work naturally.

Personally, I think git cz --amend-over is a great solution, as long as its well-documented.

Calyhrecommented, Jul 13, 2016

+1 for this option

A use case I just came trough, I made a rebase interactive and I want to amend my awful temporary commit message with git cz.

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