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Use git cz globally, in non-npm / non-javascript projects

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Big fan of commitizen here. In so much that I’m trying to use it for projects that are not part of the NPM/node/javascript ecosystem. Any git repository, that is.

I can’t get that scenario to work. I’ve installed commitizen, conventional-changelog, cz-conventional-changelog globally with -g, but running git cz fails (and falls back to regular git) because the adapter is either not found, or not loaded. No surprise here I guess, since there is no package.json file, and there won’t be one in that repo. Would it be possible to provide a global configuration file, say ~/.czconfig, that the CLI would use when all else fails?


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sarbbottamcommented, Apr 24, 2016

I could get commitizen and cz-conventional-changelog work for non-node-git-repo with global installation.

Here are the steps that I have followed.

  • $ npm i -g commitizen cz-conventional-changelog
  • $ echo '{ "path": "cz-conventional-changelog" }' > ~/.czrc; create .czrc
  • $ cd non-node-git-repo
  • $ touch foo
  • git cz -a

Hope it will be helpful.

jimthedevcommented, Apr 25, 2016

@sarbbottam That would be great if you could put in a README PR! 👍

@sebastienbarre Yes this was a nice PR from someone that replace how I was using require and instead using .resolve which is much more consistent behavior with how other node modules typically let you provide input. Cheers to the contributors. 😃

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