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Inconsistent assumptions about vector space (dimension)

See original GitHub issue

The vector operations on compas.geometry.basic (source) are inconsistent in the way they assume the vector space. Some of them work on arbitrary length vectors, while others are hard-coded to 3D vectors, and documentation only refers to support of 3D vectors, even in the cases where the function support arbitrary length.

For example, dot_vectors, add_vectors, subtract_vectors, scale_vector and many others work on any length, but cross_vectors, length_vector, normalize_vector and others are hard-coded to 3D.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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brgcodecommented, Apr 18, 2018

was hoping you would say that. alright, will do!

brgcodecommented, Aug 20, 2018

perhaps we should just remove

  • norm_vector(s)
  • power_vector(s)

as these are functions that make more sense in a general vector calculus context and not so much in a geometrical one.

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