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Allow ES-style import { debounce } from "debounce"?

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

As this module works now, it violates ES6/ES2015-style module export rules. See this SO question and answer for why TypeScript cares and this bug on DefinitelyTyped for additional reasoning why it’s inconvenient to users.

To not break the existing const debounce = require("debounce"); for users, I propose the object be given a .debounce member so we can also import it using const { debounce } = require("debounce"); (or var debounce = require("debounce").debounce; for the traditional folks).

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JoshuaKGoldbergcommented, Jul 4, 2018

create a definition, as suggested here.

Alas, that isn’t a workable or future-proof solution. ☹

There’s a good reason why TypeScript refuses to acknowledge the type declaration for debounce: what it’s doing isn’t compatible with ES modules, only CommonJS. ES modules don’t allow the exported object to be callable (a function). It can contain members that are functions, but it itself must be an object.

This will not work in systems that properly implement the new spec:

import * as debounce from "debounce";

// This should give an error about not being callable

…while this is allowed and encouraged:

import { debounce } from "debounce";


Links in the OP for why this is the case.

JoshuaKGoldbergcommented, Oct 16, 2018

@ChuckJonas yup, the problem there is that the debounce package was updated but your TypeScript typings in the @types/debounce package were not.

Once that PR is merged, as soon as a new version of @types/debounce is published (normally within a few hours) it’ll have the right change.

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