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Waiting arbitrary time for the checks to work

See original GitHub issue

Related: #22, vercel/next.js#7945

Full repo: here (note: some of the packages there are not yet published, but the test can run without them)

I have a simple test:

import formatAxeLog from "../helpers/formatAxeLog";

describe("Home page", () => {
  beforeEach(() => {
  it("Has no detectable a11y violations on load", () => {
    // cy.wait(500);
    cy.checkA11y(null, null, formatAxeLog);

When I run the tests multiple times they sometimes fail (due to vercel/next.js#7945, as they should), sometimes pass. The only “reliable” way is just to wait. Am I doing something wrong, or this is a bug?

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mwmcodecommented, Dec 21, 2020

Can we make it wait the same timeout amount that cypress waits for before failing an assertion?

I’m having the same issue with an Angular app <a href="somwhere">{{ 'some.text' | translate }}</a> translations are fetched so they sometimes take a bit longer to appear

eddybrandocommented, Aug 13, 2021

Any possible solutions without cy.wait(1000); ? I want to avoid that workaround.

Instead of wait, you can try and get a DOM element that you know will render once the page is ready for the tests to run.

Given a markup like

    <main data-test="main-region">
      This loads when the page is ready for testing.

you could write a test like this

it('has no detectable a11y violations on load', () => {
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