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Create a WebApp in an existing ServicePlan

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Hi I’ve been playing around with trying to create a webApp in an existing ASP. The ASP will be shared and configured manually so I don’t want the ARM template I generate to modify it or try to deploy it in any way.

Is there a good way to do this? If not, have there been discussions thoughts on how this might be possible and would it be something you would be interested in including? (I may, depending on work schedule, and subject to an acceptable design be able to contribute if so)

I have been playing around and the following script produces something very close to what I want.

let webAppName :string = ...
let aspName :string = ...

let sharedServicePlan = 
    sprintf "[concat(resourceGroup().id,'/providers/Microsoft.Web/serverfarms/%s')]" aspName
    |> ResourceName
    |> External

let webApp = webApp {
    name "codat-my-web-app"
    service_plan_name sharedServicePlan

let deployment = arm{
    location Location.UKSouth
    add_resource webApp

However, this outputs an ARM template with an unmet dependency which causes

InvalidTemplate - Long running operation failed with status 'Failed'. Additional Info:'Deployment template validation
failed: 'The resource 'Microsoft.Web/serverfarms/...' is not defined in the template. 

If, however, I remove the single entry in the dependsOn array, it does exactly what I want.

      "dependsOn": [
-        "[concat(resourceGroup().id,'/providers/Microsoft.Web/serverfarms/...')]" 

Obviously having to include an ARM expression is sub par and it would be good to make this something similar to the following

let sharedServicePlan : ResourceName = ExternalResource.ServicePlan ResourceGroup.Current aspName

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

isaacabrahamcommented, Aug 11, 2020

@TheRSP Apologies, just saw this. I’ll push out a release today.

isaacabrahamcommented, Jul 23, 2020

@rjwpope Great. I have a pull request ready to go and have applied the same changes across other “linkable” resources. In the end I indeed redesigned the types so we effectively have four cases:

  • Create the resource using a name derived from another resource
  • Create the resource using a name supplied by the user
  • Link to an farmer-managed resource and set up dependencies
  • Link to an existing unmanaged resource and don’t set up any dependencies
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