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Error adding Custom Domain to CDN

See original GitHub issue

The following Farmer program fails to deploy with the following error. I’m not sure what to do about this. If I remove the domain name the problem goes away.

Deploying ARM template (please be patient, this can take a while)...
Unhandled exception. System.Exception: Azure Error: InvalidTemplate
Message: Deployment template validation failed: 'The template resource 'my-7e453-cdn-endpoint/my-7e453-cdn-endpointdomain' for type 'Microsoft.Cdn/profiles/endpoints/customDomains' at line '69' and column '62' has incorrect segment lengths. A nested resource type must have identical number of segments as its resource name. A root resource type must have segment length one greater than its resource name. Please see for usage details.'.
  let storageAcc = storageAccount {
    name "my7e453storage"
    sku Storage.Sku.Standard_LRS
    use_static_website "/path/to/content" "index.html"

  let cdnProfile = cdn {
    name ("my7e453-cdn")
    add_endpoints [
      (endpoint {
        name ("my-7e453-cdn-endpoint")
        origin (storageAcc.WebsitePrimaryEndpoint |> System.Uri).Host
        optimise_for Cdn.OptimizationType.GeneralWebDelivery
        custom_domain_name ""

  // Generate the ARM template
  arm { 
    location Location.UKSouth
    add_resource storageAcc
    add_resource cdnProfile

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

TheRSPcommented, Nov 4, 2020

Sorry it took me so long to respond. The stated change is much nicer. Thank you

isaacabrahamcommented, Nov 4, 2020

BTW if in the short term you want to fix the ARM templates generated, it’s just going to be the Custom Domain name in the template - you’ll need to prefix the path with the profile name e.g. in the example above, “my7e453-cdn/”

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