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Support threading arbitrary arguments through to IBuilder.

See original GitHub issue

Currently, IBuilder only takes in the Location as an argument. I proposed adding a Context object of some kind that can be used to thread global (immutable!) state through to all builders. This would permit scenarios as follows:

let myBuilder = foo {
    doSomething // can access "name" set below with value "dave"

let template = arm {
    set_context "name" "dave"

Linked to #592 - this would allow us to globally turn on or off default switches such as default identity etc.

Thoughts @ninjarobot ?

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (8 by maintainers)

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MoeJwcommented, Apr 27, 2021

I think this might be also handy when configuring Common things between resources like Diagnostic -setting and alerts etc. enable them for all resources we deploy instead of just creating one for every resource… but this might not be an easy thing to do

TheRSPcommented, Apr 27, 2021

@isaacabraham I think this would be useful. We currently have env parameter which we pass through to all builders. One thing I don’t quite understand is how we would make use of the parameter. Would we need to copy the whole BuildResources method?

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