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Expo + android: Items aren't dragging

See original GitHub issue


I have a managed expo project and am trying to use this package. I have followed the installation instructions as stated for expo here and here:

I’m not able to drag the items in my list. I added a ScaleDecorator wrapper to check that the drag gets triggered, and the item does rescale, but I’m unable to drag it.

const renderItem = ({ item, index, drag, }: any) => ( <ScaleDecorator> <TouchableOpacity onLongPress={drag} style={styles.draggable}> <Text>{item?.label}</Text> </TouchableOpacity> </ScaleDecorator> );

EDIT: sorry the code is not formatting properly for some reason, I don’t know how to fix it

To Reproduce Since I might have done something wrong, I even copied someone else’s working code and replaced my App.tsx with it, but I still get the same problem when I use the example code:

The list renders but I can’t drag the items anywhere.

Platform & Dependencies Please list any applicable dependencies in addition to those below (react-navigation etc).

  • react-native-draggable-flatlist version: ^3.0.5
  • Platform: Developing in Windows / Android
  • Expo version: ~44.0.0
  • Reanimated version: ~2.3.1
  • React Native Gesture Handler version: ~2.1.0

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
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  • Comments:5 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

computerjazzcommented, Jan 30, 2022

can you try wrapping your root in a GestureHandlerRootView? see

ericvicenticommented, Mar 24, 2022

Yes thank you, the fix for me was to wrap the app with <GestureHandlerRootView style={{ flex: 1 }}>.

I think this issue can be closed

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