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[RN][iOS] - Scroll behaving weirdly when dragging to edge

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Describe the bug Scroll on iOS is behaving weird, I have to gently prod the top and bottom edges of the container to make it work. Android is A-Okay. Here is a gif comparison:

Kapture 2020-04-04 at 0 03 45

Kapture 2020-04-04 at 0 05 31

Code setup in my screen is pretty simple

  return (
    <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
      <View style={{ flexDirection: "row", flexWrap: "wrap", justifyContent: "center" }}>
        <Text text={"Title:"} style={{ color:, marginRight: spacing[1] }} />
          .slice(0, ITEMS_ALLOWED)
            (item, i) =>
              item.isSelected && (
                  text={`${item.label}${i + 1 < ITEMS_ALLOWED ? "," : ""}`}
                  style={{ color: color.palette.lightGrey, marginRight: spacing[1] }}
      <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
          keyExtractor={(item, index) => `draggable-item-${index}`}
          onDragEnd={({ data }) => setArray(data)}

To Reproduce I have not tested this on a barebones app, but there is nothing extraordinary in my setup.

Platform & Dependencies Please list any applicable dependencies in addition to those below (react-navigation etc).

  • Platform: RN iOS
  • React Native or Expo version: 0.62
  • Reanimated version: 1.7.0
  • React Native Gesture Handler version: 1.5.0

Issue Analytics

  • State:open
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

creambyemutecommented, Oct 6, 2020

@nelsonprsousa @computerjazz I just ran into the same problem on iOS only and it is definitely fixed for me after updating possibly involved libraries:

  • RN-Draggable-Flatlist 2.3.3 --> 2.4.0
  • RN-Gesture-Handler to 1.6.1 --> 1.8.0
  • RN-Reanimated to 1.9 --> 1.13.1
  • RN-Screens to 2.8 --> 2.11.0 (not sure if related)
  • RN-Safe-Area-Context to 3.0.8 --> 3.1.8 (not sure if related)

Works fine now, tested in normal DND Flatlists and DND Flatlists inside a Keyboard-Aware-Scroll-View (APSL).

nelsonprsousacommented, Jul 11, 2020

@nelsonprsousa Have you upgraded reanimated to the latest version? That might be worth a shot.

I am using react-native-reanimated@^1.9.0. I am assuming I shouldn’t use version 2 (still on alpha with breaking changes).

Tomorrow I’ll push a repository to reproduce the problem 👍

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