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BUILD parameter causing error

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

I followed the docs here to create a simple Visual Studio sdl2 project using SDL2/2.0.7@bincrafters/stable

It compiles and runs fine in x86 Debug, but any other configuration complained that there was no prebuilt package, and suggested I needed to try “–build SDL2”. I added the BUILD missing parameter to the conan_cmake_run() line, but with this the error is more mysterious:

1> PROJECT: Installing D:/Dev/vs/sdlconancmake/conanfile.txt
1> Requirements
1>     SDL2/2.0.7@bincrafters/stable from local
1>     libiconv/1.15@bincrafters/stable from conan-center
1> Packages
1>     SDL2/2.0.7@bincrafters/stable:dc9c05d50f7ee47ac10a455d7e592a61d7c75f59
1>     libiconv/1.15@bincrafters/stable:6cc50b139b9c3d27b3e9042d5f5372d327b3a9f7
1> libiconv/1.15@bincrafters/stable: Already installed!
1> ERROR: Error while trying to get recipe sources for SDL2/2.0.7@bincrafters/stable. No remote defined

The error is the same regardless if I do BUILD missing or BUILD SDL2

Complete CMakeLists.txt

project(Example CXX)
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.8.0)


# Download automatically, you can also just copy the conan.cmake file
if(NOT EXISTS "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/conan.cmake")
message(STATUS "Downloading conan.cmake from")
    file(DOWNLOAD ""


conan_cmake_run(CONANFILE conanfile.txt

  set(exetype WIN32)

add_executable(example ${exetype} example.cpp)
target_link_libraries(example ${CONAN_LIBS} ${OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY})




And example.cpp, contents are irrelevant.

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

memshardedcommented, Mar 17, 2018

Yes, you nailed it.

Windows case-insensitivenes is very problematic, specially when packages change name case, and this is the case, bincrafters decided to rename the package to lowercase. We have added a couple of checks in the codebase, IIRC mainly for conan-create, to fail fast and tell the user about the conflict. But those checks might be worth investigating if possible to apply them also for installs, I’ll check.

Of course, the typical workaround of switch off & on (in this case remove the cache files with conan remove "*" -f) should be enough.

TheJarecommented, Mar 16, 2018

I assume this is the same type of problem as you already dealt with in, so feel free to close.

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