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Using conan_toolchain.cmake when generating it from CMake itself

See original GitHub issue

I am starting to test conan and I am using the CMakeToolchain generator. However, instead of calling conan install ., I am calling it through the CMake conan.cmake package.

So if I just run

cmake -S . --preset whatever

the conan_toolchain.cmake file is generated correctly. On the next run I can do

cmake -S . preset whatever -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=...

This is unconvenient, as I have to run twice the configuration

However, if I try to run directly with the toolchain file on a clean build, it simply fails to configure because the toolchain is not found. Is there any workaround for this?

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czoidocommented, Jul 1, 2022

Hi @jjcasmar,

Thanks a lot for your question. The use of cmake-conan with CMakeToolchain generator is not recommended. In fact, cmake-conan does not support Conan 2.0 and we don’t know yet if it will. Please, check the comments in this issue about that: I opened a PR warning about this here: I would recommend you to do a conan install directly. We are making lots of improvements in the preset support (better if you use CMake>=3.23) and also you can define the layout now in the conanfile.txt that should make everything easier. There’s some information in this blogpost about the latest release:

jjcasmarcommented, Jul 3, 2022

In the preset I am adding some build options. However, as you said, (better if you use CMake>=3.23) in CMake 3.23 you can include one preset from another, so probably the developer can add the preset generated by conan on its own preset.

At some point it will be nice if calling cmake could code conan anyway. It will be much easier to integrate.

The last thing I am thinking is how to deal with release/debug mode on dependencies. Most of the time you dont want your dependencies build on Debug mode, even if you are compiling in Debug mode your code. This can be solved with profiles, right?

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