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ERROR: Remote recipe is newer than local recipe

See original GitHub issue

Getting this with Jenkins, I thought I remember seeing that CPT had a force built in to override this error but I guess not. Should it?

conans.errors.ConanException: Remote recipe is newer than local recipe: 
 Remote date: 1524688506
 Local date: 1524688499

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:30 (16 by maintainers)

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lasotecommented, Dec 20, 2018

I would try to explain what is this issue about and why we don’t force the uploads by default.

Conan, when you upload a recipe or a package, check the manifest containing the checksums of the recipe files (usually just a If the contents are the same, Conan doesn’t care about the dates, because, actually will skip the real upload as it is already there.

But if the recipe is different, by default, we want to warn the user if you are trying to overwrite a newer recipe. How can it happen? well, if a slave takes less time to build a package than others, it could happen that the recipe uploaded is newer than the local one.

But why are they different? Usually, this is an issue with the CRLF characters. If you see some traces like the following you have the answer:

Local '' using '\r\n' line-ends
Remote '' using '\n' line-ends

Here are some docs about it:

Otherwise, if they are different, maybe you are mixing or overriding on purpose different recipes in the CI? Several consecutive pushes? Should it be happening? These are some questions to clarify before take the decission of forcing an upload. Please, shed some light about you use case and we could enable a configuration to opt-in the package overwritting.

@michaelmaguire you mentioned a promotion process, could you explain a bit more?

bilkecommented, Oct 18, 2018

No thanks, I just ran into these line ending issues

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