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Memory chunks overflow when using tf.nn.seq2seq.embedding_attention_seq2seq

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I’m running the project from source (master) using Python 3.5, and when I change the model from:

tf.nn.seq2seq.embedding_rnn_seq2seq to tf.nn.seq2seq.embedding_attention_seq2seq

on line 160 of, it blows up, and I get this message: . . . I tensorflow/core/common_runtime/] 1 Chunks of size 7681919232 totalling 7.15GiB

My GPU (a GTX 1080) only has roughly 5 GB of RAM. I tried decreasing the batch size; but even with a batchSize of 5, I still get the same error.

It appears that the chunks are simply too large. How do I decrease them? Also, what exactly does each chunk represent? Is it a vector embedding? Or something else?

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  • Created 7 years ago
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Conchylicultorcommented, Jan 12, 2017

Try to set the softmaxSamples parameter: --softmaxSamples 512. That may helps.

Also I’ll say that the vocabulary size is probably too big as described here

raunak95commented, Oct 31, 2017

Hi, I am trying to train on the Cornell movie data corpus using attention as well. I am executing the code on a GPU. image As can be seen in the image, this is the step where the execution is stuck and not moving ahead. What could be the problem? I checked again by training it without attention, it executes smoothly. As soon as I change the bit for having attention, the execution gets stuck here.

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