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Problems with view's visibilities in RecyclerView (View.GONE)

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Issue Description

I have a scenario of test where I need the check if a specific view of an item of RecyclerView.Adapter was setted with visibility = View.GONE, so this is my assert:

recyclerView( {
    atPosition(1) {
        notExist { id( }

but when a run this code above the test fail. I made some asserts to verify the visibility of the and always return the visibility = View.GONE.

I tried to use notDisplayed, but I got the same result.

The curious point is, when my RecyclerView has only one item and I used notExist { id( } without the recycler view wrapper (recyclerView(<id>) { ... }) it worked.

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iammini5commented, May 4, 2018

My case is similar:

recyclerView( {
    atPosition(1) {
        notSwitchOn { id( }

I don’t think your response is related to the issue, actually i added a customized matcher in RecyclerViewMethods.

fun notSwitchOn(func: BaseMatchersImpl.() -> BaseMatchersImpl): Interactions {
            BaseViewInteractions(false, itemMatchList(func)).check(CustomerMatcher.SwitchOff())
            return this

I can find that when matchSafely is called inside my CustomerMatcher, it is not passing the matched childview but the recyclerView itself.

 override fun matchesSafely(item: View): Boolean {
                return (item as Checkable).isChecked() == false

heitorcolangelocommented, Sep 23, 2018

Well, after spending a lot of time on this bug and not getting into a solution, I’ve created new methods so we can match the child views in a RecyclerView item. Unfortunately, now we can only use the child viewId and not all the other attributes that we had (text, contentDescription, etc.).

Here is the PR with the work around for that issue: This should allow people to match child views in a recycler view item safely, but only using the view Id.

Need help to investigate this and came up with a proper solution 🙏

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