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continue to ignore `info` in `load_files()` or just use `--ignore-missing-files`?

See original GitHub issue

The following error broke our nightlies a few nights ago:

$ conda pack --format tar.gz -j -1
Collecting packages...
Files managed by conda were found to have been deleted/overwritten in the
following packages:

- python='3.8.5'

This is usually due to `pip` uninstalling or clobbering conda managed files,
resulting in an inconsistent environment. Please check your environment for
conda/pip conflicts using `conda list`, and fix the environment by ensuring
only one version of each package is installed (conda preferred).

Debugging, I found this following entry in paths.json is the root cause:

$ pwd
$ diff paths.json.orig paths.json
<       "_path": "info/info_json.d/security.json",
<       "path_type": "hardlink",
<       "sha256": "1eba042cbb28d2403ca77fbdd8fb7ca518d65b0522a13730255ffdef694a826a",
<       "size_in_bytes": 1773
<     },
<     {

2 ways to solve the error:

  1. Use --ignore-missing-files
  2. Remove info from load_files:

What do you all recommend?

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mcg1969commented, Sep 20, 2020

I’ve decided your idea #2 is the right one. Conda environments composed entirely of well-formed conda packages should have no content in the info/ directory. Hence ignoring info as the current version of conda-pack does is a no-op. But this cuts both ways: ignoring info/ does nothing, and not ignoring info/ does nothing, either.

However, a small number of malformed conda packages have cropped up that do install a file in this subdirectory, leading to this missing files exception. So now ignoring the info/ directory is actually causing problems.

Looking at the commit history, it looks like info has been included in the ignore list for at least 3 years, and I don’t see a compelling reason to ignore it. That said, I’m still looking. If I find a good reason, I’ll revert this change in favor of another approach I’m considering: specifically ignoring info/ files found in the paths.json manifest of conda packages.

mcg1969commented, Sep 14, 2020

OK, I might be leaning towards #2 now that I’ve had to wrestle with this in tests 😃

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