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[FEATURE] Handling extras

See original GitHub issue


Would it please be possible to handle extras (like in pip install pettingzoo[atari]) when generating the recipe?

Ideally, doing grayskull pypi pettingzoo[atari] would fetch the extras and add them to the recipe.



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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

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zzhengnancommented, Oct 9, 2021

Apologies for the delay. I finally got some time to study the code today and want to jot down some notes in case someone else wants to look into this issue, since my bandwidth will be fairly limited through the end of the year.

As it stands today, the code is already capturing information about extra dependencies. To see this, we can place a breakpoint right after the following section and inspect pypi_metadata, sdist_metadata, and metadata.

Using dask as an example (link to required dependencies, link to extra dependencies), I noticed the following

PyPI metadata contains info about extra dependencies as well as their categories
(Pdb) pypi_metadata['requires_dist']
['cloudpickle (>=1.1.1)',
 'fsspec (>=0.6.0)',
 'packaging (>=20.0)',
 'partd (>=0.3.10)',
 'toolz (>=0.8.2)',
 "numpy (>=1.18) ; extra == 'array'",
 "bokeh (!=2.0.0,>=1.0.0) ; extra == 'complete'",
 "distributed (==2021.09.1) ; extra == 'complete'",
 "jinja2 ; extra == 'complete'",
 "numpy (>=1.18) ; extra == 'complete'",
 "pandas (>=1.0) ; extra == 'complete'",
 "numpy (>=1.18) ; extra == 'dataframe'",
 "pandas (>=1.0) ; extra == 'dataframe'",
 "bokeh (!=2.0.0,>=1.0.0) ; extra == 'diagnostics'",
 "jinja2 ; extra == 'diagnostics'",
 "distributed (==2021.09.1) ; extra == 'distributed'",
 "pytest ; extra == 'test'",
 "pytest-rerunfailures ; extra == 'test'",
 "pytest-xdist ; extra == 'test'"]
sdist metadata contains info about just the categories
(Pdb) sdist_metadata['extras_require']
After merging the two, the only info that's preserved is the categories
(Pdb) metadata['extras_require']

In order to build the feature described in this issue, we need to achieve at least the following, possibly more

  • Augment the command line interface so that specifications like grayskull pypi pettingzoo[atari] can be properly parsed
  • Take the extra dependencies info from the PyPI metadata, group them by their category and find a way to preserve that information after the the two sets of metadata (i.e., PyPI and sdist) have been merged
woutdenolfcommented, Jun 18, 2022
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