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Getting error on miniconda conda-incubator/setup-miniconda@v2.1.1 with no base environment activated

See original GitHub issue

Using the below yaml:

name: QA - Precommit Checks
on: [push]
    runs-on: self-hosted
      - run: echo "Checking branch precommit hooks ..."
      - run: echo "Now running on a ${{ runner.os }} server ..."
      - run: echo "The name of your branch is ${{ github.ref }} ..."
      - name: Check out repository code
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Setup Miniconda
        uses: conda-incubator/setup-miniconda@v2.1.1
          activate-environment: sigma-sealevel
          environment-file: environment.yml
          python-version: 3.10
          auto-activate-base: false
      - run: |
          pre-commit run --all-files

I get a very strange error at Setup Miniconda with

Run conda-incubator/setup-miniconda@v2.1.1
Gathering Inputs...
Creating bootstrap condarc file in /home/ubuntu/.condarc...
Ensuring installer...
Error: No installed conda 'base' enviroment found at 

Even with the enviroment typo, not sure what that is about, some guidance would be appreciated!! Thank you

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

czyzi0commented, Mar 14, 2022

Hi, I’ve encountered identical error but when I’ve specified particular url of installer to use with installer-url parameter it seemed to work ok. I don’t know why default setting does not work but this may be a temporary workaround.

casperdclcommented, Sep 9, 2022

The URL version fails when you restart a job (it tries to re-download miniconda and somehow gets confused).

This worked for me:

    - uses: conda-incubator/setup-miniconda@v2
        environment-file: ...
        activate-environment: ...
        python-version: ...
        miniconda-version: latest
        auto-activate-base: false
    - shell: bash --login {0}
      run: ...
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