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Problems when creating a new env

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Issue Description

Hi, @goanpeca!

First of all, congratulations for this action! And thanks for providing it!

Well, unfortunately, I have been facing a problem in Windows builds with your GH actions. I use conda-devenv to build conda environments in a development mode. It provides extended capabilities when compared with regular conda, I can define environment variables, use jinja2 and etc.

The problem is: when I do my tests, I create a new environment using conda devenv. For reason unknown, when I use your Action, the created environment receive an empty name.

Below I provide my windows build file:

name: windows

      - master


    - cron: "0 5 * * 1"  # runs at 05:00 UTC on Mondays


    runs-on: windows-latest
      configuration: Release
      fail-fast: true
      max-parallel: 4

    - uses: actions/checkout@v1
    - uses: goanpeca/setup-miniconda@v1.0.2
        auto-update-conda: true
        activate-environment: autodiff
    - name: Install conda-devenv
      shell: powershell
      run: |
        conda install -c conda-forge conda-devenv
        conda info -a
    - name: Build
      shell: powershell
      run: |
        conda devenv
        conda info --envs
        conda activate autodiff
        cmake -S . -B build
        cmake --build build --config ${{ env.configuration }} --target install
    - name: Tests
      shell: powershell
      run: call build\test\${{ env.configuration }}\tests.exe

I even tried to put the same name of my new environment as activate-environment, since conda-devenv can re-generate an env on an existing env without problem. However, when I do it, the new env is created without a name. When I run conda info --envs in the CI (windows only), I get the following output:

2020-01-29T22:35:24.9862529Z # conda environments:
2020-01-29T22:35:24.9863192Z #
2020-01-29T22:35:24.9863428Z base                     C:\Miniconda
2020-01-29T22:35:24.9863652Z autodiff              *  C:\Miniconda\envs\autodiff
2020-01-29T22:35:24.9863862Z                          C:\Miniconda\envs\autodiff\envs\autodiff

Do you know how I could solve such problem?


Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:12 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

volpattocommented, Jan 31, 2020

I talked with one of conda-devenv maintainers, the conclusion was unclear. But definitely it isn’t a problem related to the GH Action side.

volpattocommented, Jan 30, 2020

To be honest, I don’t know if this is a conda-devenv issue (probably it is). I will check it tomorrow with the maintainers (actually they work in a room in front of mine, so it’s easy for me). It’s more like to be a problem at conda-devenv side. I think that the Action is fine. When I created an env with conda create -n foo, it works properly, creating the env at C:\Miniconda\envs\foo.

Well, I will check conda-devenv tomorrow in order to improve it there.

Thanks for helping me out, @goanpeca


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