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Plugin might delete every page with the same title

See original GitHub issue

Hello, thank you for sharing this nice plugin. We found an issue using the plugin wich might cause serious damage to the confluence tree and could be a bug.

This might be related to #230:

We came across this issue, where the plugin deleted a lot of pages and as I found out: this might happen nearly everywhere. Lets assume we want to add a page “test” under a page with ancestorId 1234. The page tree might look like this: ` ├── page │   └── withid1234 └── someOtherPage —└── test ----- ├── page1 ----- ├── page2 ----- └── page3

` Without “keeping orphans” this would cause the plugin finding the “test” page by title and deleting all pages under “someOtherPage” including the test page itself. It might be added under “withId1234” afterwards. If one would set keep_orphans" to true the “test” page will be moved under the page “withid1234”.

Maybe the plugin should verify, if the parent id is the right ancestor id. This happend with the maven plugin. I am not sure if docker is affected too.

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cstettlercommented, Mar 13, 2022

Hi @itno85 and @kalemena, the Confluence Publisher version 0.16.0 with this bug fix is now available on Maven Central and Docker Hub. Thanks again for your contribution and for using the Confluence Publisher!

cstettlercommented, Mar 10, 2022

Hi @itno85, thank you for analyzing and reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce your constellation, with the same unwanted effect. Indeed, there is a design flaw in the Confluence Publisher since the very beginning that leads to this issue: when a page is looked up by title, only the space key is provided as a filter, but the ancestor id is not checked. As a consequence, pages with the same name, but residing outside of the ancestor id will lose their children.

I will provide a bug fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, using the orphan removal strategy KEEP_ORPHANS at least prevents pages from being deleted (while unwanted updates could still happen).

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