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Connect/KStreams: rename existing tutorial to differentiate from upcoming tutorial

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

JDBC source connector does not add a key but most KStreams operations require a key.

The key can be added in one of two places:

However, the naming of the first tutorial (which is already done and live) is too broad and cannot be differentiated from the new tutorial. It doesn’t specify

(a) where the key is added (KStreams vs Connect) (b) the format (SpecificAvro vs JSON)

This GH issue is to rename the existing tutorial to be more specific, to disambiguate from the other tutorial (and future tutorials)

Initial proposal:

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:9 (9 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

colinhickscommented, Mar 19, 2020

@rmoff, given the constraints of the site structure and the existing content patterns, I think combining these tutorials makes the most sense.

With the tabs at the top of the combined tutorial in mind, we’d have:

  • Kafka Streams: #123 (done)
    • uses the JDBC connector and adds the key with KStreams
  • Kafka: #122 (open)
    • uses a connector and adds the key with SMT
  • ksqlDB #291 (open)
    • wraps a connector and adds the key with ksql

So should we reframe the existing tutorial [#123] to make it generic in referencing to the Kafka Connect source …?

Yes. If we need to add more, specific introductory material to the KStreams tutorial, we can create an optional space for that content in the template, which would be displayed only in the Kafka Streams flavor.

I guess I just label it as kafka since it technically is Apache Kafka?

Yeah, this is a bit awkward, but I agree it’s the best bet given the options.

  • shortname: connect-source-smt-set-key
  • SEO slug: add-key-to-topic-with-kafka-connect-smt
  • Tutorial title: Add a key to a stream from Kafka Connect

Seems good to me.

How does this sound overall? Thoughts @ybyzek?

rmoffcommented, Mar 26, 2020

#299 closes this.

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