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build files in git and Github Pages

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Hi, I like your work, awesome job! I wanted to setup a simple blog with my code and I noticed that node_modules have to be commited in the repo, which is something that I don’t like (at least because of the size of the repo).

As I’m using Github Pages to host the blog I created Github Action pipeline, that takes the repo without node_modules, builds it and deploys it to the separate branch gh-pages. The benefit is that you don’t have node_modules and html files, that are automatically generated, in your source code, but rather in the separate branch.

I think it is an elegant solution, so I just wanted someone know, that it is possible not to commit node_modules to the repo and utilize github actions instead.

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loreanvictorcommented, Apr 29, 2020

added this section to official docs as well for how to achieve this. again, @LukasForst thanks for the neat solution!

loreanvictorcommented, Apr 28, 2020

while you do need to have the html files on GitHub somehow (either on the master branch or on the gh-pages branch), you definitely DO NOT NEED the node_modules to be there. This is the repo for the documentation for codedoc, built using codedoc itself, and this is another example built using codedoc and hosted on GitHub pages, both on master branch, none having node_modules (or .codedoc/node_modules) on the repo.

that said, using GitHub Actions to not have the html files directly on the master branch itself is a pretty nice idea. I have been meaning to get around to it but couldn’t find the time (I mean codedoc itself is just released less than a week ago), so kudos for the nice solution! I’ll modify the issue title to properly reflect that (from node_modules in git and GitHub Pages to build files in git and GitHub Pages).

P.S. you don’t need the cd .codedoc && npm install line. You can simply install codedoc cli beforehand and run codedoc update or codedoc u.

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