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Unified Input/Output Rules

See original GitHub issue

Right now Surya has some mixed input/output rules. I propose unifying them to a common format.

For output, I suggest sending everything to stdout. For input, we should extend the rules Surya already has. Here is the current output from surya --help:

surya <cmd> [args]

  surya describe <files..>                  show file contracts structure.
  surya graph <files..>                     generate graph of contract function
  surya inheritance <files..>               generate graph of contract
                                            inheritance tree.
  surya dependencies <target_contract>      output a linearized list of smart
  <files..>                                 contract dependencies (linerized
                                            inherited parents).
  surya parse <file>                        output AST generated by the parser
                                            for the specified file in a textual
                                            tree format.
  surya ftrace <function_identifier>        output the selected function call
  <function_visibility_restrictor>          trace in a textual tree format.
  <files..>                                 External calls are marked in
                                            `orange` and internal calls are
  surya mdreport <outfile> <infiles..>      output a markdown file

  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -v, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]

For a new format I would suggest we use the following convention across all of Surya’s operations input surya <cmd> infile1.sol infile2.sol ...

output stdout

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

GNSPScommented, Dec 4, 2018

But then in the dependencies command we should at least have an option to enable to target a single contract necasuse that’s the most usual use case.

chronaeoncommented, Dec 8, 2018



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