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Key management API returns 404 on fee recipient

See original GitHub issue


When calling GET on eth/v1/validator/$__pubkey/feerecipient for a $__pubkey that has no individual recipient set, I get a 404 with message Fee recipient not found

As per it should return the value of --validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient instead

Likewise, a POST gets me Validator public key not found when attempting to set fee recipient.

The keys were imported with the key manager API, they are not “read-only” file system keys

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:10 (6 by maintainers)

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rolfyonecommented, Aug 22, 2022

I’ve got a similar thing happening with a minor caveat, and I think the ‘caveat’ is the point in time you’re checking…

  • start VC with keymanager, have validator-proposer-default-fee-recipeint
  • add a key to VC, it comes back ‘accepted’
  • request fee recipient: responds 404
  • wait until epoch transition
  • request fee recipient: responds with default fee recipient.

I’m planning on a tiny tweak that should let this work more cleanly, should be up in a few hours barring unexpected issues, but I figured I’d update here so that the scope of the problem is clearer… The first epoch transition after adding a key updates data currently and after that the functions currently released will work. There’s a definite period where they’ll report 404 because they (gas limit, fee recipient) can’t find the key, so they think the key isn’t ours. I’m planning on linking this more closely so that a better decision can be made about which keys we own.

rolfyonecommented, Aug 23, 2022

Fantastic! thanks for the retest, I appreciate it

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