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Unix-Sockets connection not working

See original GitHub issue

Using podman-py we cannot connect to a local unix-socket. Irrespective of how we communicate the protocol, it will always end up as http.

The following does not work, it will end up making an http-request to http://%2frun%2fpodman.sock/v4.0.0/libpod/version instead of the unix-socket.

def podman_py():
    from podman import PodmanClient

    uri = "unix:///run/podman.sock"

    with PodmanClient(base_url=uri) as client:
        version = client.version()  # fails
        print("Release: ", version["Version"])
        print("Compatible API: ", version["ApiVersion"])
        print("Podman API: ", version["Components"][0]["Details"]["APIVersion"], "\n")

For comparison, the following, manual connection to the socket works:

def podman_requests_unixsocket():
    import requests_unixsocket

    url = "http+unix://%2frun%2fpodman.sock/v4.0.0/libpod/version"

    with requests_unixsocket.Session() as session:
        response = session.get(url)
        version = json.loads(response.text)
        print("Release: ", version["Version"])
        print("Compatible API: ", version["ApiVersion"])
        print("Podman API: ", version["Components"][0]["Details"]["APIVersion"], "\n")

My suspicion is that we are doing something wrong, or that something is lost in translation when hard-coding the protocol to http and then mapping to UDSAdapter down the line.

We made some manual changes to podman-py that seem to do the trick (although they look wrong to me):


    # Map supported schemes to Pool Classes
    _pool_classes_by_scheme = {
        "http": UDSConnectionPool,
        "http+unix": UDSConnectionPool,
        "http+ssh": UDSConnectionPool,

    # Map supported schemes to Pool Key index generator
    _key_fn_by_scheme = {
        "http": functools.partial(_key_normalizer, _PoolKey),
        "http+unix": functools.partial(_key_normalizer, _PoolKey),
        "http+ssh": functools.partial(_key_normalizer, _PoolKey),


        if self.base_url.scheme == "http+unix":
            self.mount("http+unix://", UDSAdapter(self.base_url.geturl(), **adapter_kwargs))


        uri = urllib.parse.ParseResult(
            urllib.parse.urljoin(path_prefix, path),

We are using version 4.0.0

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rhatdancommented, Sep 6, 2022

@cdoern PTAL

cdoerncommented, Sep 9, 2022

@awildturtok can you please paste the output you get when this fails? also, please run systemctl start podman to ensure the socket it listening and that the system service is using this socket.

This most likely is not on our end, as I just fresh installed podman-py 4.2 and ran the test code, and it succeeded. I would assume the custom mounting of the socket is not right.

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