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Unable to import (422)

See original GitHub issue

Expected Behavior

I would like to export an entry ‘testtitre_aq’ from ‘developmentSA’ env :


The entry is exported in the JSON generated file :


The import into another env ‘devtest’ should work.

Actual Behavior


Possible Solution

Bug ??

Steps to Reproduce

  1. contentful login (OAuth via browser token)
  2. contentful space export --environment-id ‘developmentSA’ --query-entries ‘’
  3. contentful space import --environment-id ‘devtest’ --content-file contentful-export-<space_id>-developmentSA-2019-08-21T11-15-89.json



Node : v10.16.3 Npm : 6.9.0 OS : Windows 10 - 64 bits

Contentful-CLI : 0.36.2

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:28 (13 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

baumarscommented, Aug 27, 2019

Hi @phoebeschmidt ,

Finally …

So here is my scenario. In my sandbox devtest, I created a new entry associated with an existing content type(CT), then exported using the export CLI :

contentful space export --environment-id 'devtest' --query-entries '[in]=2ZzuXC4ZDC0udbn6Fijbgp' --content-only

It is important to specify content-only. This will export just one entry, but will a bunch of Assets.


When importing, it is important to note that the CT MUST exists in the importing sandbox.

You can close this ticket, but I have other question in another ticket.

Thanks @Khaledgarbaya & @phoebeschmidt

phoebeschmidtcommented, Aug 27, 2019

Hi Baumars,

My understanding is the following:

your goal is to export and re-import only entry

  1. contentful space export --environment-id 'devtest' --query-entries '[in]=xxxx' This command will create a JSON file with the following format:
  "contentTypes": [],
  "entries": [],
  "assets": [],
  "locales": [],
  "webhooks": [],
  "roles": [],
  "editorInterfaces": []

(this information is in our README, btw).

You can check this exported json file for which of your contents were actually exported. Specifically, check the entries array to see if your --query-entries flag successfully found just a single entry to import.

If you don’t want to import assets, content_types, webhooks, roles, etc, you can remove those arrays from the JSON file.

  1. Then you call import with the modified file. This will attempt to run an import of only that data.

Important If you want to only import one entry, the space must already have the relevant content type (that is, the content type of the entry you want to import).

I hope this clears up some of your misunderstanding. I would also like to point you to some helpful resources:

guide for import/export using cli: contentful import contentful export

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