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Missing dependency for Axios 0.16.3

See original GitHub issue

Our app has its contentful-management version set to 3.9.2 in an npm-shrinkwrap file. We realized today that this version depends on a version of Axios that seems to have been forked by Contentful but also that doesn’t currently exist (0.16.3).

I went and looked at your fork and I can’t see anything about 0.16.3 but I did find one other project on github with 0.16.3 referenced in their yarn.lock file and it’s referencing your fork.

Any insight would be helpful. I’m nervous to npm install and regenerate my shrinkwrap since we have a lot of dependencies.

Edit: I got this working by creating a temporary project and generating a shrinkwrap.json file from a package.json with contentful-management 3.9.2. I then hacked the axios dependency from it into my existing shrinkwrap file.

My old dependency for Axios looked like this in the npm-shrinkwrap.json:

"axios": {
          "version": "0.16.3",
          "from": "contentful/axios#fix/https-via-http-proxy",
          "resolved": "git://"

It now looks like this:

"axios": {
          "version": "0.16.2",
          "from": "contentful/axios#fix/https-via-http-proxy",
          "resolved": "git://"

It makes me really nervous that I’m referencing specific commits that can disappear.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dustinaleksiukcommented, Nov 20, 2017

Hi @Khaledgarbaya,

Thank you for that reply. I actually tried upgrading last week and I saw that my shrinkwrap file still references a git commit directly. I’ll commit the upgrade though and hope that the axios git commits don’t disappear.

Khaledgarbayacommented, Nov 17, 2017

Hi @dustinaleksiuk, That should be fixed permanently now in v4.1.2. Sorry about any inconveniences.

Best, Khaled

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