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💡 Proposal - Icons Package

See original GitHub issue

The problem

As we expand and scale, we see a rise in requests to add more icons, whether the user is building a feature in Contentful web-app, a separate app or an internal tool, etc.

With the current structure adding more icons will increase the bundle size, and it also increases the overhead on the maintainers to follow up on what goes in and out.

The proposed solution

Moving all icons to a separate new package @contentful/forma-36-icons where users can import only what they need as svg which will get inline within their bundle

This way we can have a huge icons library without worrying about f36 or consumer’s bundle size as they only get what they ask for.

Adding extra icons would be simpler, and doesn’t require much reviews

Removing icons in the future won’t be necessary, and we could avoid potential breaking changes, and easily support backward compatibility

Usage example

import { search } from '@contentful/forma-36-icons`
import { Icon } from '@contentful/forma-36-react-components`

<Icon color="primary" size="m" icon={search} />

Breaking changes

This change will eventually require forma-36 to remove the current icons from our bundle, and consumers will need to migrate accordingly

Other thoughts

Possibly we could upload these SVG icons to S3 bucket and keep only reference inside the package for faster builds?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

m10lcommented, Jul 2, 2020

Nice, sounds good. I’d advise against S3 - it’d make the contribution process a lot harder and less-open.

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