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Embedded images are ignored

See original GitHub issue

I had to use the following to have embedded images display:

let options = {
  renderNode: {
    'embedded-asset-block': (node) =>
      `<img class="img-fluid" src="${}"/>`
let bodyHTML = body ? documentToHtmlString(body, options) : ''

Seems like this should be a default (minus that bootstrap class); out-of-the-box, images didn’t display for me.

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grgcnnrcommented, Apr 19, 2019

Try deleting Gatsby’s .cache folder. There’s an issue with relaonships and caching in the plug-in that I don’t really understand 😉

grgcnnrcommented, Mar 24, 2019

Here’s a stripeed down example of how i’m doing it with documentToReactComponents Example of embedded assets and a ‘blockquote’ content type

import { BLOCKS, MARKS, INLINES } from '@contentful/rich-text-types';
import { documentToReactComponents } from '@contentful/rich-text-react-renderer';
import React from "react";

import BlockQuote from "./Blockquote";

const richTextOptions = {
  renderNode: {
    [BLOCKS.EMBEDDED_ASSET]: (node) => {
      const { title, description, file } =;
      const mimeType = file['en-US'].contentType
      const mimeGroup = mimeType.split('/')[0]

      switch (mimeGroup) {
        case 'image':
          return <img
            title={ title ? title['en-US'] : null}
            alt={description ?  description['en-US'] : null}
        case 'application':
          return <a
            alt={description ?  description['en-US'] : null}
            >{ title ? title['en-US'] : file['en-US'].details.fileName }
          return <span style={{backgroundColor: 'red', color: 'white'}}> {mimeType} embedded asset </span>
    [BLOCKS.EMBEDDED_ENTRY]: (node) => {
      const fields =;
      switch ( {
        case 'blockquote':
          return <div>
            <BlockQuote quoteText={fields.quoteText['en-US']} quoter={fields.quoter['en-US']}/>
          return <div>??????????????? {title} </div>


let ContentfulRichText = function(text){
  return documentToReactComponents(JSON.parse(text.text), richTextOptions)

export default ContentfulRichText

Blockquote component

const BlockQuote = ({quoteText, quoter}) => {
  return (

export default BlockQuote

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