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Add support for multiple sources

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Currently, Contentlayer looks for a single exported method that is pulled from one particular source. We’ve received requests to support more than one source within the same configuration. I’m working to get more information on specific use cases.


What are the challenges with this approach?


What would the API for this look like? Perhaps you could define sources separately and then reference the source at the document level? And include the option for a default source.

Napkin sketch:

const ctfl = makeSource({ type: 'contentful', accessToken: /* ... */ })
const local = makeSource({ type: 'local', path: /* ... */ })

const Page = defineDocumentType({ source: ctfl })
const Post = defineDocumentType({})

export default {
  defaultSource: local,
  documentTypes: [Page, Post]

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seancdaviscommented, Feb 23, 2022

@684efs3 We’re not actively working on this feature at this time, though still considering it and looking for more use cases to determine how to shape the API.

In this case, “multiple sources” means that your collection of data is coming from multiple sources (local, headless CMS, API, etc.).

In your case, it sounds like all your data is local, but spread across multiple files. This is what Contentlayer is designed to solve today. You can create an individual document type for content in each directory. You can even process some content types as MDX and others as plain markdown.

684efs3commented, Feb 23, 2022

Ah I see! Apologies! Your comment is very helpful. I’m looking forward to testing it! Thank you very much! 😃

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