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The generated content collection file - allxxxx file, cannot be imported and used directly in a node script for node >= 16.14.0 as importing JSON modules now requires experimental import assertions syntax.

Not sure what’s the best workaround as adding the assert { type: 'json' } syntax is invalid for Node 14. Alternatively, one could consider generating js files rather than json?

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schicklingcommented, Mar 29, 2022

That’s a really great suggestion @seancdavis. I’ve just implemented this behaviour (i.e. conditionally adding the assert { type: 'json' } if Node 16.14+ is used). For now I won’t make this behaviour user-configurable yet but wait until someone is actually facing a problem related to this or has another valid use case for making this configurable.

@timlrx this will be release with the upcoming 0.2.0 release. 🚀

seancdaviscommented, Mar 28, 2022

I think this is a reasonable approach — opt-out vs opt-in.

There’s another option here for the “sensible” default to be contextualized based on the current version of Node running the CL build. If it’s pre-16.14, don’t write the assertions, otherwise, do it. And the configuration option could override this variable behavior to explicitly add or not add the assertion regardless of the node version.

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