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A module that houses utility functions useful for hypertools. Instead of attaching directly to the hypertools class, we could keep things organized by nesting these functions in a ‘utils’ module.

Proposed API:

import hypertools as hyp
x = some_data
missing_inds = hyp.utils.get_missing_indices(x)


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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

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jeremymanningcommented, Dec 19, 2016

i like this logic. so maybe we should only have one function – plot as the “deep” function, and everything else should go under util. e.g. using flags passed to plot, we can have it align, center the data, reduce to different numbers of dimensions, etc.

if the user wants to manipulate the data, they have to do that using util functions (e.g. util.reduce, util.align, etc.). but within util, i think we should aim to have a flat organization, unless things start becoming very convoluted.

my thinking, though, is that this toolbox as a whole should remain relatively light, focusing on plotting.

i could see the reduce module expanding out at some point, e.g. to support different data reduction algorithms (PCA, ICA, TFA, T-SNE, TDA, feature-extraction algorithms like LDA or LSA, etc.). or the align module could be expanded out (e.g. hyperalignment, ISFC, anatomical alignment, arbitrary other algorithms/functions). but then those would under util.reduce and util.align, respectively.

jeremymanningcommented, Dec 19, 2016

(we can close this after the pull into master is complete)

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