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Dealing with unstyled text

See original GitHub issue


So we currently use React components that render regular old text DOM nodes a la <h1>, <span>, etc… By default, we do not style these nodes in Operational, but instead expose a suite of Typography components: <Body>, <Heading1>, etc. that are among the former nodes but with styling.

Because of this, the regular old DOM nodes are unstyled. This looks pretty ugly.

Proposed Solution

I’ve thought of the following two solutions:

Solution 1: <StyledText>

A component that wraps whatever is in it, and applies the same styling as Heading1 does to h1s to the underlying DOM node. In terms of implementation, it would be

const StyledText = styled("div")`
  h1 {
    whatever happens in Heading1's styles here

  span {
    you get the idea

Anything in that div would then look as expected. I am not in favor of this approach because:

  1. It adds an extra node to the DOM and to the React tree.
  2. Still allows breaking Operational’s opinionation because we’ll have unstyled text in places where this has been forgotten.

Solution 2: Using <OperationalUI> the way it was intended

If we hoist these styling settings to the top-level provider, we have an opinionated library that styles all text out of the box, and does not require wrapping text in React components like React Native does.

I feel this is more of an idiomatic approach: wrap once, forget about it – your text is always beautiful.


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

peterszerzocommented, Aug 29, 2018

@TejasQ the advantage of localizing at a lower level is that it is much less likely for CSS rule conflicts and overrides to occur between global p styles and styles a random p tag gets through its local parent component. In the current intended usage at least, it is unlikely that we’ll put other components inside <StyledText>, whereas if we add the styles to <OperationalUI>, global styles will apply to every component.

This is indeed convenient, but it is also dangerous, and I think we should be really careful with introducing possible overrides. What will happen when we change the Heading1 component and open it up for an override it previously protected itself from? What happens when something changes in the emotion implementation that will render the global styles after the local ones, causing our apps to look different after an overnight patch release? Are we willing to spend extra time debugging style regressions?

I’m sure there are reassuring answers to these concerns, but I’d rather avoid thinking about them in the first place.

ImogenFcommented, Aug 29, 2018

I agree, we don’t want a CSS war. We had this to a certain extent in the old frontiamo and metriamo repos - trying to figure out where a particular bit of CSS came from originally, or why specific CSS wasn’t being applied, was a nightmare at times.

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