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Validation during training: time incoherence

See original GitHub issue

Hi, everyone

I’m trying to run simultaneously the training and the validation of a CIL algorithm with eval_every = 1 to get the accuracy and the loss for each epoch in the test set. This is the code is use. Note that I set num_workers = 4 in the train call.

esp_plugin = EarlyStoppingPlugin(patience = 2, val_stream_name = 'test_stream', metric_name = "Top1_Acc_Exp")

cl_strategy = LwF(
    model, Adam(model.parameters(), lr = 0.001),
    CrossEntropyLoss(), train_mb_size = 256, train_epochs = 10, eval_mb_size = 256, plugins = [esp_plugin], 
    evaluator = eval_plugin, alpha = [0, 1], temperature = 1, eval_every = 1, device = device)
for experience in generic_scenario.train_stream:
    n_exp = experience.current_experience
    print("Start of experience: ", n_exp)
    print("Current Classes: ", experience.classes_in_this_experience)
    cl_strategy.train(experience, eval_streams = [generic_scenario.test_stream[0:n_exp+1]], num_workers = 4)
    print('Computed accuracy on the whole test set')

This is the problem I got. While the training iteration only lasts for 21’‘, the evaluation lasts for almost 3’ when the size of the evaluation stream is 5x times shorter. I tried in both the beta version and the latest version but the same error was found for both.


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  • Created a year ago
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ggraffieticommented, May 5, 2022

Perfect @PabloMese! I’ll reopen just to keep track of the bug, we’ll close the issue when the fix is included in the official code 👍

ggraffieticommented, May 5, 2022

@PabloMese solved by the linked PR. When it will be accepted you can reinstall the “nightly” version of the library and the bug will be gone 😃

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