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Customising the output: --context, --writerOpts, --parserOpts, and the command line

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Hi, I’ve been extensively reading the various issues and repos relative to this project and though you indicate clearly that one should be able to customise the transform to output more types than the default ones, and even if the writer documentation states that I can use an object for the transform key, I can’t even start to think of the beginning of an idea of what my CLI options would look like.

Can you provide an example about how to change the output types with the CLI, please? Or, if not possible, a quick gist on how to do it programmatically, maybe?

On a broader scale, having a thorough example about the possible options would be amazing, but it’s a lot more work, admittedly.

Thank you for the project and your help.

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  • Created 8 years ago
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xcambarcommented, Feb 5, 2016

Closing for lack of actual help. Got it working with meanwhile.

stevemaocommented, Feb 5, 2016

How am I not helping you? I answered all your questions. You don’t need to go through issues to find out how to use the tool. The readme is supposed to be enough. If not, send a PR to improve it. You only said you want to select which types of commits get output to the CHANGELOG, this is extremely vague, what do you really mean select which type? and all options are already written in the docs.

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