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Lerna Repo, not recognising git tags / versions

See original GitHub issue

See this minimal example repo:

Attempting to generate a changelog from the initial commits with release count = 0.

Try running yarn install and then yarn changes. You’ll see that the generated changelog puts all commits under the version from the package.json file.

Tried all manner of cli options, tried multiple console.log() and seems to have the correct array of git tags but couldn’t get it to work. Wasn’t sure how to write a failing test but I hope this minimal repo does enough to demonstrate the problem.

If this isn’t a config option problem then I’m happy to help out with some PR but could do with some advice of where to start.



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swernerxcommented, Feb 12, 2020

I’m just wondering if this tip works for you guys so far. After running it, I see only one version with all changes in the new changelog. But my expectation was to get a real changelog where every version is listed with all changes. Wouldn’t that be more correct?

evocateurcommented, Jan 31, 2019

Lerna is just passing significant pieces of config to conventional-changelog APIs. You should be able to do the same with the conventional-changelog CLI and some judicious lerna exec from the root of your monorepo:

# Lerna does not actually use conventional-changelog-cli, so you need to install it temporarily
npm i -D conventional-changelog-cli

# fixed versioning (default)
# run in root, then leaves
npx conventional-changelog --preset angular --release-count 0 --outfile $PWD/ --verbose
npx lerna exec --concurrency 1 --stream -- 'conventional-changelog --preset angular --release-count 0 --commit-path $PWD --pkg $PWD/package.json --outfile $PWD/ --verbose'

# independent versioning
npx lerna exec --concurrency 1 --stream -- 'conventional-changelog --preset angular --release-count 0 --commit-path $PWD --pkg $PWD/package.json --outfile $PWD/ --verbose --lerna-package $LERNA_PACKAGE_NAME'
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