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I’m using conventional-changelog to write a changelog in markdown.

I’m also using writer-opts to change the generated url for each commit. My forge is using the full hash in the url to reference each commit.

I managed to alter the url, but I really need the full hash to generate the url.

Note that I would still need the truncated hash (7 chars) so that the visible label of the link is not too long, but the full hash would be used in the url.

Here is an example of a generated url:

* feat(): add changelog page ([d11e82b](

that make the following template (see shortHash and fullHash):

* feat(): add changelog page ([<shortHash>](<fullHash>))

Is it possible to achieve this need?

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huguangjucommented, Dec 3, 2015

+1. I need fullHash also in my gitlab server, because use shortHash can’t access the commits url.

mrt181commented, Nov 10, 2021

If you are not using any preset it defaults to conventional-changelog-writer.

This one does not have any writer-opts.js.

The easiest way for me to get a full hash in this case was to change this line in the commit.hbs template

-  {{~@root.commit}}/{{hash}}))
+  {{~@root.commit}}/{{raw.hash}}))

This uses the full hash in the link and the short hash in the link preview

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