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RemoteEndpoint is always the last one

See original GitHub issue

in OpenAsync function in UaTcpSessionClient class you are setting the RemoteEndpoint with this function:

this.RemoteEndpoint = getEndpointsResponse.Endpoints.OrderBy(e => e.SecurityLevel).Last()

which gives me the last endpoint (obviously). however for my application I need to use the endpoint with none security, which I am using in Xamarin, and I don’t have access to change it. can you help me with that? thanks in advanced

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:38 (18 by maintainers)

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abrasatcommented, Apr 18, 2017

Can the opc-ua client handle also user validation errors from OPC-UA servers (wrong credentials) ? What about the handling of errors regarding the permitted actions for validated users (for instance the actions permitted for validated user allow the reading of opc-ua items, but not the writing of values for opc-ua items) ?

abrasatcommented, May 18, 2017

Is there also some event available, triggered when communication state changes (something like CommunicationStateChangedEvent) ?

Regarding the INotifyDataErrorInfo, could you please provide a sample about how to use it in a non-UI application ? For instance could you add it to the

public async Task TestSubscription()

from UnitTest1.cs ? Would be for instance useful to see what errors are generated in opc-ua client over INotifyDataErrorInfo when the opc-ua-server uri is not reachable, or when the node id is unknown on server.

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